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John/Dorian/Richard teamwork!

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Things i’m appreciating a lot more on the rewatch? John’s awkwardness.

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"I think Captain Maldonado and I actually have a really deep understanding of each other. I think she knows I’m just a good cop. If she needs anything at all, if she needs something to kind of bend the rules a little bit, if she’s trying to get some information and she’s having a hard time, she can always come to me.” - Michael Irby/Det. Paul

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Name: John Kennex
Rank: Detective, Delta Division
Honors: Medal for Valor, Purple Shield, Police Life-Saving Medal, Excellent Police Duty, Marksmanship: Expert

Description on File: Det. Kennex has served with distinction and high honors in the department. Often characterized as an “unconventional thinker” and “driven” in annual performance evaluations. Led investigation and tactical raid of Case #34P-C91244 last year. Kennex’s team was ambushed. KIA: Tactical squad Bravo One-Seven and Kennex’s partner (Martin Pelham, Det.).

Kennex has returned to active duty after an 18-month medical leave. (MedFile #19FFPD, See SubSection: AMPUTATION, See SubSection: COMA) Initial PolPsych eval suggests Kennex may suffer from depression, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD and psychological rejection of his prosthetic limb.

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you’re you, and nothing’s gonna change that

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DorianxJohn exchange- S1Ep3- Are You Receiving


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Because some of you hadn’t seen the behind the scenes picture that I posted with my MX panel yesterday, I wondered if maybe you hadn’t gotten to see any of the other uber cute MX behind the scenes photos! So this is part 1 of 2 because there are so many pictures!

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This is for my lovely partner at the Almost Human Fancon Gift Exchange:  letseatthestars who wished for some “BAMF!Valerie”

I hope you like it! :)

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Listen, if Almost Human doesn’t get renewed, I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay. I’ll be absolutely, amazingly, role-model worthy stable.

Because I will write my own season 2 scripts and film them in the park.

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It took me so long that I actually managed to post it as my little contribution to #ahfancon

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First car ride as partners.

Decided to do it in a little bit better quality. At least, now I know how :) 
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Decided to do it in a little bit better quality. At least, now I know how :)